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Eflow is Ireland’s digital “Toll Plaza” service for Dublin’s M50 motorway. Drivers use eFlow to make online payments for travelling on the section of M50 that is tolled, between Junction 6 and Junction 7.

Launched in 2008, eFlow’s system replaced the previously-standing physical toll plaza, in order to expedite the removal of queues and speed up the movement of traffic on the M50.

All vehicles that travel on the M50 usually carry a small credit-card sized electronic tag in their windscreens to help the cameras identify the vehicle and administer the fee. Tag holders can claim the lowest possible charge for every vehicle class.

helpline of Eflow

For those that aren’t registered or do not hold an electric tag, the number plate is recorded, and alternatives means are offered to pay the fee. These include using the M50 Quick Pay App, using eFlow’s website, or paying by phone.

Once registered, you can use eFlow’s My Account page on its website to check your balance, overdue payments, penalties and tagged vehicles.

Eflow offers a variety of payment structures depending on the frequency of your journeys on the M50 motorway. To begin with, you can pre-pay your bill by topping up your account, which will cover any future journeys. Or, you can opt for monthly bills to pay your accumulated fees at the end of every billing month.

If you fail to pay the toll fees by 8pm on the following day of your journey, a payment of 3 EUR will be added to your bill as a late-payment fine. If you fail to pay the fine within the next 14 days thereafter, an additional payment of 42 EUR will be added. After a further 56 days, another 105 EUR will be added to your bill.

Please find eFlow’s contact details listed below, depending on the purpose of your query.


Eflow phone number to Register for an Account

To register with eFlow, please visit eFLow’s website. Alternatively, you can call them on Eflow telephone number at 1890 50 10 50.


Eflow Payments contact number

To make a payment for a terminated journey, please call 1890 50 10 50. Or, you can make the payment by downloading the “Quick Pay App”, or by visiting the website and entering your registration number.

If you wish to appeal a penalty, then fill in eFlow’s online contact form on its website as soon as possible.


Motorway Incidents helpline

For incidents on the motorway or during your journey, please call 0818 715 100 immediately.


Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

To contact eFlow’s governing body, TII, please use the helplines below:

  • Their Head Office can be caught by calling them on +353 1 646 3600, or emailing them on info@tii.ie
  • Alternatively, if you wish to communicate by mail, then post any letters to the address: Parkgate Business Centre, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8, D08 DK10, Ireland.


Additional Channels to Contact Eflow

For Live updates, you can follow eFLow’s twitter and Facebook pages. You can also utilise these pages to get in touch with a member of their team.

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